Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer finally breaking in?

The boys are choosing to play board and card games! They set out to walk around the (very irregular and large) block yesterday and got sidetracked playing in the park behind our house! They are reading books, and want to bake with me! This is a great thing, after weeks of the two of them bickering with each other and pining for video game time, seemingly unable to find anything else worthwhile to do.


Also, we saw a bit of sunshine this morning! It's gone now, but at least the skies are somewhat bright. We've gotten more rain this year, as of yesterday, than we got all of last year. All of the land is waterlogged, and all of our days and nights as well.

I ended up using the clothes dryer for a load of laundry, because the days are staying cool (under 80F), cloudy, and very humid, and I needed to launder some slow-drying things. Sigh. I got far enough ahead early last week when it was sunny and windy (got lots of laundry hung dry) that I think we can pretty much hold out for the sunny days predicted for this weekend. If not, I'll do a strategic single load as needed.

We are eager for swimming pool outings, and are ready to pounce on sunny or at least not-rainy days. On Monday we were at a friend's enjoying the backyard pool... and the skies opened and a downpour began. Unlike recent days, this went on and on and on; a few of the kids stayed in the pool, enjoying the experience, while the rest of us tucked ourselves under the patio umbrella under the shelter of a mature tree, with an ear open for the sound of thunder. Finally we heard a telltale rumble and hustled everyone in the house, where we dried off and had a nice time anyway.

Son1 has made his list of things he wants to do this summer, and posted it on the pantry door. Son2 and I will write his today. We did this three years ago, and we drew from that combined three-page list of many different ideas for a long while. Time for new ideas, though.

Yay, summer!


Melessa said...

I wondered how your outside drying was going-mine is not going well at all. Of course, four kids with one still in diapers pushes me to do laundry almost constantly. I'm glad you have a surplus right now.

Barbara said...

Long after I machine-dried my single load this morning, it turned out to be a mostly sunny, fairly dry day. I could have hung it all to dry after all. I don't know what to think about that!

Melessa said...

It's sounds like a little Murphy's Law at play. He tends to be THE law at my house.