Friday, June 22, 2007

Glub glub

Rain, rain, and yet more rain. That glorious wet stuff falling from the sky? Enough already! Thanks for the bountiful blessings! We're about to float away here; give the water to the parched parts of the nation!

I'm getting a bit tired of gloomy mornings and sudden downpours; this is Oklahoma in June?? The subsoil moisture has been recharged, and every rainwater reservoir in the region is full. All of the games last night in Son1's baseball tournament were postponed, wholesale, to tonight, and tonight we'll probably squelch around and search for a dry spot of ground for our chairs, just like two nights ago at Son2's second and last (oh well; good season though) tournament game. Oh, and lots of Oklahoma rivers are at or above flood stage.

At some point I'm sure we'll get those searingly hot days that are the familiar landscape of our Oklahoma summers. First, though, we'll have some amazingly hot and muggy days while the surface moisture evaporates and sinks further into the soil. When it rains, it pours -- this June, this year, in Oklahoma anyway.

Rain, rain, go away; come again some other day. For now, go water the still-needy parts of God's green acres.

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