Friday, June 08, 2007

Laundry, accomplished

It is entirely enjoyable to have dried six or seven loads of laundry in two days by wind and solar power -- i.e., hung to dry! The weather forecast for this week was lots of warm days and, by mid-week, a lot of wind, so I took it as my chance to catch up with the laundry all at once without using the dryer. It has been so easy!

For instance, two days ago, a hot and windy day, I hung a load of lightweight clothes to dry (tshirts, shorts), and followed that up with a big load of terry towels (not great to dry on a cloudy and/or humid day, so this was my big chance for an easy drying day). In about three hours the towels were completely dry, so I took in all of that laundry and hung another load to dry. The next morning, after the cool of the morning, I took all of that in and hung a huge load of sheets to dry on our second windy, hot day. I'm learning to vary the type of laundry so I can fill the various hanging places in the sunroom with two loads if possible.

Thanks to the wind, I got the sheets and two more loads dried and put away yesterday, even though it was getting increasingly humid. I stopped for the night due to the humidity and potential thunderstorms. This morning I discovered that a cold front had come through, stirring up a little rain but only a little -- and now it is beautifully cool (70F), with dry air, and windy! I opened up the house to thoroughly cool it down in preparation for the weekend's expected hot days and nights.

Of course this means I'll be looking for more laundry to do in such perfect laundry weather. When I get to the bottom of the typical stuff, I can always wash some blankets...

Between loads and before other tasks, I'm enjoying a morning moment on the old bench in our front entryway, to the tune of the wind-ruffled leaves of our river birches, various bird song, the occasional car passing by, and our wind chimes. This has quickly become my favorite morning spot. Today, though, I'm wearing a fleece jacket over my dress due to the breeze! I may go sit in the wind because that'll put me in the sun, too. Such enjoyable decisions.

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