Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eat local once a week, or gradually in July, or...

There are more and more ways to try this eating local thing.

One Local Summer

Eat one dinner of local ingredients each week. From the blog post at

It’s a way to explore your world and support local growers and start learning what’s available in your local foodshed.

Don’t fret over salt, spices or condiments. Focus your efforts on produce, dairy, eggs, meat and grains.

Local Food Month

Eat local as much as possibly throughout the month of July, to explore the possibilities available to you. You choose the extent to which you attempt to eat locally. From the blog post at Crunchy Chicken:

The challenge: ...increase your consumption of locally and sustainably grown food and decrease your consumption of imported and packaged food.

After one or both of these efforts, some of us might be ready for the September Eat Local Challenge: only local food, all month long.

I missed our farmers' market on Saturday morning, so I want to go on Wednesday morning (fewer participants, though), and keep eating up the veggies we got last week. An Oklahoma-foods store is preparing to open in the next few weeks in our town's historic downtown. I am very eager to see what they have, and what their plans are for local, seasonal foods.

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