Saturday, June 30, 2007

Baking day results

Great breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Family declares undying love for mom.

Peaches not ripe enough for easy peeling; peach pie postponed for another day.

Three pounds of pecans toasted. House smells great.

Big batch of oat granola, with a big handful of multi-seed mix, baked. More great house aroma. After granola is cool, chopped toasted pecans are mixed in.

Bread baking! Four loaves of a basic white-wheat bread (white hard wheat flour gives a light texture). Kids can hardly wait for a slice to have with jam.

Two loaves of a hearty whole-wheat bread with a multi-seed mix mixed in, and some pressed on top. Mom declares complete toast happiness; kids indifferent.

Amish Friendship Bread starter divided, and two loaves of cinnamon-sugar A.F.B. made. Kids renew undying love declaration.

Veggie roasting put off to another time.

At 12:55 pm, air conditioning turned off. At 1:10 pm, oven turned off. House is comfortable. Success is declared. Bread is sliced and eaten (with butter or jam). After a break, mom tackles bowl and pan washing, and puts away cooled breads with a great sense of accomplishment.

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TiaDavidandourLittleChickens said...

Beautiful!! Makes me hungry and wish a bit that my oven was fixed, though I am enjoying having no gas bill through the 90% challenge!