Friday, October 22, 2004

Whoops! Time flies

This week sure flew by! We've been out EVERY evening -- extremely unusual for us.

Monday night, Son1 had basketball practice and I had moms night out with my MOMS Club. Tuesday night, I extravagantly went to my stitching group. Wednesday night, dear husband had bowling league and Son1 had basketball practice again. Thursday night, we all went to the library and Son1 learned a bit of sign language in the weekly program for kids ages 7-12. Tonight is Son1's first basketball game, and after the kids are in bed dear husband may head out for poker with friends. With one car, some nights it's tricky to do what we need to do.

Amazingly, every night we've eaten at or from home (sandwiches to go, once), and it hasn't all been boxed macaroni and cheese, heehee. Even more amazing is that last night we even had Italian shredded beef (slow cooker) heaped on thick slices of homemade Cuban bread (1 hour 15 minutes from flour to baked bread). Unfortunately I completely forgot to pick up my co-op food last night! This morning I'm meeting my food here in town and will then get to enjoy yellow and green beans, fresh corn, and Cushaw squash this weekend and so on.

The weather is poised for change from the several days we've had of highs in the 80s, high humidity, and morning fog. The line of storms is steadily approaching and soon I'll be switching my shorts for jeans or a long skirt, flipflops shed in favor of Birks, etc. Another back-and-forth Oklahoma autumn! I really want to bake more bread, and I want to roast some of the squash, too. Come on, cool weather and cold nights!


Zelie said... I'm hungry! :)

Barbara said...

Hehehe :)