Sunday, October 24, 2004

One successful thing before dinner

Doesn't the Queen in Alice in Wonderland say something along the lines of, "I like to do three impossible things before breakfast"? That has come to mind a lot lately, for no reason I can figure out.

Today I met a different goal: one successful thing before dinner, LOL!

I cut down big Cheerios boxes into file folder boxes, pulled out my box of file folders, and organized the piles of family papers. Then I put the two file boxes on the shelf below the phone, a/k/a Household Central. Now I can file kids' activity info, garden ideas, bank statements, ACTION items, and more -- before adding them to a purposeless pile. I can put my fingers on the pizza delivery coupons, the after-school checklist for the kids, the current MOMS Club calendar, and that ACTION file. Woohoo!

Extra bonus, it decluttered about four piles into nothingness; a lot went into the paper recycling, of course. I also found enough artwork from Son2 that it is clear I need to rig up an artwork clothesline in the playroom.

Dinner will be pizza from homemade pizza dough I froze last time I made it, with a simple red sauce and Mozzarella. The kids shape and top their own mini-pizzas, which makes them much happier to eat it! I don't think I'll serve green-and-yellow beans again, because it would be the third night in a row that we'd have eaten from our co-op batch of farm-fresh beans. Instead, ears of corn from the co-op. Maybe I'll put out veggies for pizza toppings, too: bell pepper slices from the freezer and an onion thinly sliced (mostly for me). That'll do.


Violet said...
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Violet said...

Hi :-)

Actually it's, Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.)

In this house, that's entirely likely!

Btw, I enjoy your blog.

Barbara said...

Rose Red, thanks -- and I see you have that very quote at the top o' your own blog!