Friday, October 01, 2004

Rx R Us

You know, I always thought I could tolerate itching fairly well. I suppose I can -- if it's a lowly mosquito bite or seven. But this subtle, steadily increasing ultra low-level itchiness that gradually turns into a realization that I can't stop touching my skin... Aaaaaaah! I usually gut it out and try to ignore itching, but with this I eventually find myself rubbing or smoothing the itchy skin. I rarely actually scratch an itch; I worked on stopping that habitual reaction years ago. But this -- it's really, really hard to think coherently when you're itching like this!!

At bedtime last night I took another dose of benadryl. This morning, all morning, my palms itched and were blotchy and my ears itched. Can't see 'em, don't know about redness. I really wanted to go without the benadryl and see if the Claritin would be enough (clue: no, it wouldn't).

A pretty funny thing happened this morning at Panera Bread (we met friends there): Son2 reached for the honey dispenser, wanting to smell the honey, and my reaction was to stay far, far away from it out of self preservation. I am NOT interested in tasting any honey at all right now. Too funny.

My palms and ears itched very slightly all morning. At noon I took my day 2 Claritin. An hour and a half later I realized I was rubbing my palms and knees an awful lot. By the time it was time to pick up the boys from school, aaaaaaaah!!! We went directly to the drugstore, I bought the store brand benadryl, and I took one then and there in the car. A couple of hours later the itching was completely gone, sweet relief.

I acknowledge that I may have to fill the prescription for the steroids in order to more fully knock down my body's response to whatever it was, honey or whatever. I almost never take prescription drugs, and the combination of Claritin (maybe) and benadryl makes me tired and sort of buzzy and feeling unwell for the first 2-3 hours. I can only imagine how fun it will be to have a steroid romping around in me. But I don't want my body getting into this whole reaction thing; I want it to relax! and cut it out!

I just took my bedtime benadryl -- I realized just beforehand that my ear lobes are itching, and my knees, and a spot on the front of my right leg, and of course my palms, and... aargh. I'll be going to bed soon. Benadryl, tire me out, take me away...


Hula Doula said...

How horrible that you are itching so. Take an oatmeal bath. I tell you what it is a cure for horrible itching. Obviously I am a victim of the itching bug!! I hope you get it under control. It is an annoyance that's for sure!

Barbara said...

Thank you, Hula Doula, for the bath tip. I think I'm going to have to do that. I've been battling the hives all day. Last night they had spread across my entire back as well. This morning that was gone, but it's taken up residence all over my palms and fingers, all over both my legs, and the soles of my feet?!? I'm on the Claritin and benadryl, and this afternoon I got the steroid and started taking it, but it's been hours and the itching is still pretty tough. Sigh. For the foreseeable future I'll be wearing my wedding ring on my necklace (upon which hangs my DoK cross that I always wear), until I feel comfortable that the hives and swelling have gone for good. I'm definitely going to try a pulverized-oatmeal bath!