Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wheee! Fun reading

Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind -- how in the world can she read those serious books? Never fear, my Self tends toward balance.

After finishing The Bone Woman yesterday, I cast about for something else to read, and picked up a book lent me by a friend with her guarantee that it was a fast, fun read. Yes indeedy! I read it today, start to finish, and grinned and chuckled the whole way through.

The Royal Treatment, by MaryJanice Davidson.

The library has Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons waiting for me, so I'm picking it up tomorrow. And I think I'll disturb my long-dormant bookmark in Diana Gabaldon's second book in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber. If I'm still on a roll at that point, I'll return to said friend and borrow another of the fun books calling to me from her shelves.

Wheee! Fun, fun reading!


Julie D. said...

For some really light and fun reading try Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series which starts with One for the Money.

Carmen said...

Dragonfly in Amber is the slowest of the Gabaldon books. It's good, but not as good as the others in the series. It's still my very favorite series of books ever, bar none.

Barbara said...

Julie, the Stephanie Plum book sounds hilarious and fun on Amazon; thanks!

Carmen, thank you so much for the tip on Dragonfly in Amber. That may be why I slowed to a stop midway, so I'll enjoy it for what it is and look forward to the next.

I didn't get around to the library (Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons) until today, so last night I picked up the other book my friend had pressed into my hands months ago, and it's great too! The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (a penname, I'm guessing). Very, very fun. Of course, the pendulum must not swing too far, LOL, so I also borrowed The Balkans: Nationalism, war, and the Great Powers, 1804-1999 -- it's about two inches thick!! I knew when I borrowed The Bone Woman this sort of reading might be the result. I also remembered that I have Son1's good books to read: Redwall and The City of Sparks. Happy sigh of contentment. As all becomes right with the world, maybe I'll even start cooking actual planned dinners each night...

Julie D. said...

Aha, the "cooking the planned dinner" struggle. That is one we share. I always can find fun books but have a real problem with making myself even care about dinner lately. It worked out ok on Sunday because Rose was tired of the same old thing and made chicken curry and curried rice from her DK Kids' Cookbook. Delicious and it was fun having someone to cook with for a change!