Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Political signs as targets

As we drove up to our home yesterday, dear husband and I noticed it at the same time. The Kerry/Edwards yard sign was Not Right. The candidate for senate, fine. The candidate for county clerk, fine. Upon closer inspection, the Kerry/Edwards sign clearly suffered the insult of a kick that ripped it away from the side supports and pushed it and the top support upward and completely out of whack.

I was half-expecting this. As some news reports have said for such things elsewhere, it's typically disinterested teenagers, who love the partisan blame game after they wreck campaign signs. So... I don't blame any local Republicans. Especially since a glance around yielded the information that a local Republican candidate's sign diagonally across the street is very diagonal today, if you know what I mean. Equal opportunity destruction, eh?

I fixed up our sign. Dear husband is more open to my idea of a slightly bigger Kerry/Edwards sign on the back of our back fence; our property backs up to the neighborhood park. I still need to get signs for a couple of other local candidates. And if my fix-it job doesn't last, I'll get a replacement Kerry/Edwards sign. Still need to get that bumpersticker for the car's back window, too.

And to think, this is the first time I've ever put campaign signs up.


Classical Home said...

I've noticed a lot of campaign sign vandalism in our area. I'm sure you are right on about the disinterested teens. Thinking along those lines, though, would you want to put a sign-in the form of a bumper sticker-on your car? I'd worry about the destruction being aimed at my vehicle.
Just a thought.


Anvilcloud said...

I'd offer to post a JK sign here in Canada, but, somehow, I don't think it would help. We'd like a president that didn't have a "hate-on" for us though. There are many other reasons too. :)

Barbara said...

Really good point, Crissy. Today I learned that -- elsewhere -- some people's cars have been keyed shortly after putting a campaign sticker on their cars. I'm not willing to risk that, truth be told.

On the other hand, I can do signs. And the evening before last, as we were milling around the car with the kids after arriving home, a Democratic Party volunteer struck up a conversation with us based on our trio of campaign signs. He was looking for volunteers, and now I'm the precinct captain for our precinct, with a focus on getting out the vote on Election Day. This is something pretty different!