Monday, October 18, 2004

What to do to avoid a huge church quarrel

Why, read yourself silly in the Television Without Pity forums on the new TV series Desperate Housewives, of course! If you want to read a LOT of viewers who have strong opinions about a show, head on over to the TWoP forums! Here's the main TWoP page for Desperate Housewives. Be warned, they do mean without pity. By the way, is it just me, or does anyone else think they lifted a whole lot from the book "Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons"???

What's the church quarrel? I'm Episcopalian, the Windsor Report was released at 6:30 am my time this morning, and my church-related online communities are buzzing. This report from an Anglican Communion commission offers guidance on how we can be in communion with other Anglican Communion national churches even though we differ hugely (on women's ordination, remarriage after divorce, homosexuality, and other tough topics).

What amounts to one percent, I think, of Episcopal Church in the USA parishes have left our church due to disagreements, and some regional groups (dioceses) are acting as though they'll do the same. Very scary for people in those places who don't want to leave; some are now the remnant of their parish that remains in the Episcopal Church. Fairly awful upset for all of us who love the Episcopal Church and/or Anglicanism.

There is much uproar among those interested or directly affected. I will read its 96 pages at some point tomorrow, probably (I have Farscape to watch tonight!). The report details why we should bother to remain an Anglican Communion of related national churches and calls for reconciliation and living together, with forgiveness and hard work toward understanding on an international level, among national churches, and all the way down to the parish and individual level.

So... time for some brain candy.

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