Friday, July 08, 2005

Cookbooks for a swap

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a cookbook program with a swap: a speaker will talk about the history of cookbooks and we'll get to participate in a swap of cookbooks.

I dug through my cookbook shelves and a few boxes, and found some cookbooks I'm willing to take to the cookbook swap.
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Some are older (spiral-bound booklet by a founder of Current, Inc.; a Bon Appetit tiny slipcase set of summer cookbooks; and the 1985 edition of Butter Busters). Some are newer and gorgeous (Williams Sonoma series cookbooks, and Greens: A Country Garden Cookbook). The little one on top is a chocolate chip cookies cookbook.

I have never used any of these cookbooks more than once or twice (obviously, with the amount of dust I wiped off and blew off when I prepped these for the swap, sigh). I'm happy to give these up for the possibility of some interesting new-to-me cookbooks.

In the process, I also rediscovered good cookbooks on my shelves that I might pull out a whole lot more often for ideas and/or recipes. Yay!

Oh -- I completely forgot: the book in front on the right is a keepsake, a personal treasure, and is NOT going anywhere but to my current books-to-enjoy pile!! The New York Times New Natural Foods Cookbook (early 80s) was unearthed by yours truly this evening in a storage box of miscellaneous books. I used this a LOT when I was a new explorer in the world of cooking on my own, and there are many marked pages, special recipes, and friends' recipes stuffed in the pages. I'm thinking about making the wheatgerm snickerdoodle cookies that my coworkers gobbled up way back when. I wonder if we'd think they are yummy now?

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