Sunday, July 24, 2005


I Am Eating Flourless Chocolate Cake In Celebration!! We are well on our way to being packed for the trip without forgetting major items, and... I just finished our tax return!!! What's that you say? What about April 15? Well, er, um, I filed an extension. Never mind about that -- Woo-hoo!! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Tomorrow I'll do the always confusing yet brief state return, and drop these things in the mail. I much appreciate the IRS's use of PDFs you can fill in and then print out. I got to switch among many tabbed PDFs as I filled my mind with the labyrinthine logic of the IRS (we file two forms and two schedules). Even better: we DO get a pretty good refund, and can fix the fence and the chimney; maybe even fix the roof leaks. So what if we have to wait until we get it to spend it (we're a cash-basis only family) -- woo-hoo!!

Okay. Cake sliver is all gone. I am putting myself to bed now. Tomorrow will be a day of relief, preparation, and excitement. Maybe after some coffee :)

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