Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cookbooks from a swap

This morning I took home from the swap this eclectic group of cookbooks. Check out the wooden covers on the Vermont Cook Book!

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The other books are: Simple Food for the Simple Life, by Helen Nearing; a 1985 edition of Once a Month Cooking; The Deaf Smith Country Cookbook; The Williamsburg Cookbook; Fruits of the [Sonoran] Desert; The Amish Homestead Cookbook; Yankee Magazine's Second Annual Great New England Cook-off Cookbook; and Yankee's Main Dish Church Supper Cookbook.

I'm a contented swapper :)

All of my cookbooks on the swap tables were gone by the end, except the spiral-bound booklet and the tiny slipcased set. The remaining swap books will go to the Friends of the Library for-sale shelves, which is fine with me.

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