Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sock knitting update

Though slowly, I have indeed been making progress on my in-progress socks. In fact, I've turned the heel on two different socks and picked up the rest of the stitches to start knitting in the round for the foot.

As it turns out, I did one in the wrong direction and now I have to frog it back to the point just before I picked up all of those parked stitches, sigh. The bright side is that it's the second sock of the neverending Harry Potter/Gryffindor socks, and that means that all I have left to knit is the foot!

With the sock I did correctly, the next thing is to continue the lace pattern from the leg down the top of the foot. I can do that.

Since I'm making sock progress, however slow it might be, I may actually pick up the hoses-and-ladders, ruffle-topped, pink sock for a niece and get back to those little cables (they don't cross, so they're wiggly hoses, too funny).

There you have it. Tell me to knit more, and more often, so I don't forget which direction I'm supposed to knit next time I pick it up!

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