Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Fruit Salad, yummy yummy

Two weeks ago I needed to bring some sort of side dish to a gathering, and had a bright idea that worked out great.

Fall Fruit Salad

Two crisp apples or firm pears or one of each, cored and diced
A big handful of pecans, halved, plus bits
A generous drizzle of Vidalia onion dressing from Tastefully Simple

Et voila! A lightly sweet yet almost -- but not quite -- savory fall fruit salad. It's very pretty and delicious with a combination of reddish Gala apples and green Bartlett pears, and pleases the senses even with one fruit alone. It's also a nice balance of protein and not-too-carb-laden fruit, so not bad for the sugar balance or whatever. It doubles or triples very nicely, and is very fast to put together. Finally I have an easy, not-too-sweet fruit salad!

I'm taking it to a post-church dinner today. Yum yum.


revabi said...

Never thought about fruit salad in the fall, but this sounds good.

hipastorzwife2B said...

3 ingredients! Perfect!