Saturday, October 14, 2006

Enjoy it! Great meat, butter, whole grains, veggies

I've been reading various things about food over the last several months. Slow food, seasonal foods, traditional local food, eating local foods, eating within 100 miles, organic foods, grass-fed pasture-raised meat, organic butter and milk and cheese, pesticide- and hormone-free fatty foods (butter, milk, cheese, meat), whole grains. This fall I've been reading about hunter-gatherer eating, "neander thin" and "paleo diet", all of which avoid grains and beans, which is too much of a sticking point for my family and me.

Now I seem to be landing at the book (and idea), Nourishing Traditions. Great meat and eggs (grass-/pasture-fed, organic). Moderate amounts of whole-fat dairy (organic and not ultra-pasteurized). Yummy nuts, beans, and whole grains, prepared so they're easier to digest and their nutrients are more available (and, I think, so they're more familiar to my bread-loving family). Olive and coconut oils; butter and homemade cream cheese. Full-fat cheeses in general. A big variety of veggies except root veggies. Small portions of fruits other than berries. Switch from processed grains and flours to prepared whole grains and flours, and eat somewhat less carbs. Total avoidance of most prepared foods, with their high-fructose and other corn syrups, trans fatty acids, and super-processed sugars and flours.

I'm entering my high-energy, happy in the kitchen time -- early fall. I think I'm going to try to change our way of eating toward this and see how it goes. I'll start with changing our dairy, grains, and fats/oils, and add nuts and more veggies. Tia has posted so many wonderful meal plans on her blog Living Deliberately that this seems do-able. She is adapting lots of recipes, and it helps a lot to know that I can adapt what we know and like already, as well as add new dishes. Check out her breakfasts!

Er, have I mentioned that my husband may go into shock when I bring home full-fat cheese and dairy???

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LutheranChik said...

Happy Delurking!

One of the best recent moves I've made in the past couple of years has been to eat more locally grown foods, more grains and beans and more organic food. I belong to a food coop that's about 40 miles from my home -- obviously not so great for weekly shopping, but I get over there about once a month -- and I have discovered an assortment of local food sources ranging from my Amish neighbors to the guy down at the local feed store, who sells organic beef, pork and chicken on the side. There is a real, discernable difference in flavor, and I like helping out my farming neighbors. My partner -- who's recently had major surgery and is serious about improving her health -- and I want to simultaneously downscale and up-quality our meat-eating, and otherwise further improve our diets.