Sunday, July 09, 2006

Week o' things, and stress, and a good end

The last week or so has been, er, full.
  • Slight panic about leak under kitchen sink. Fixed 24 hours after discovery -- I don't look under that sink much -- by Dear Husband with a mere $15 in new hoses. Whew, thus were banished my visions of many dollars gone "down the drain" haha.

  • We held an Independence Day cookout with appropriate preparations, mostly laying in supplies and decent decluttering of The House.

  • I held a Tupperware open house midday Thursday at my house. Went well, yay.

  • On the same day, the clutch on our car just stopped doing anything. In the afternoon, I'm pretty sure I "speed shifted" most of the way to a meeting at a friend's house.

  • After said meeting, friend's husband drove the car to their mechanic, to my relief. I didn't want to do any more trying to get the car into first gear at a stop, no thank you. Also, getting the car fixed before the weekend was a preferred option, because...

  • After getting a ride home from work Thursday night, Dear Husband rode his bicycle five miles to work the next day. This would be Friday the 7th. Things blur together, but I think he rode his bike home that evening as well. This without any prep; he was SO TIRED that night when he got home. Did I mention we are a one-car family?

  • Friday was the first of four consecutive days of Dear Husband's unit at the university moving into a new building. Very exciting, but we didn't really need the car excitement at the same time!

  • One of Son2's crowns fell out at lunchtime on Friday. Eeek! Called the dentist, and got crown cement at the store that evening after we...

  • Got the car back Friday afternoon, after paying $390 for the clutch master and slave cylinder replacement. Ouch, and oh well. Did I ever mention that about three weeks ago the driver's side door stopped opening and we had the lock mechanism replaced, at a total cost of nearly $500?? So, ouch. All money set aside for the back fence replacement is gone, but our car is driveable and useable. The other can wait.

  • Friday night was crash night for Dear Husband and for me. We were both so, so, so very tired from stress.

  • On Saturday morning I did the good mom thing and successfully put the crown back in place in Son2's mouth. Unfortunately, it fell out that evening and there is so little tooth there that we think it's a lost cause for us nonprofessionals to do this thing. As we told Son2, either Dentist the Great will be able to replace it so it stays, or he'll have to take the tooth out; we trust D-the-G so either way it will be okay.

  • On Saturday Dear Husband's big move, with which he is very, very involved, turned the corner from really tough to it's gonna work out okay. Very nice to see him decompress cheerfully Saturday evening.

Dear Husband is at work again today, Sunday, but sounds good on the phone. The kids played outside with water in the 99F or so heat for a while, and are now playing with Lego or something indoors. Laundry is hanging to dry in the sunroom/enclosed patio, the dishwasher holds clean dishes ready to be unloaded, the Tupperware is finally packed away from the open house, and I have plenty of patience with the kids.

We're going to have a yummy, easy dinner of rice with sliced grilled sausages, along with sliced bell peppers and carrots, and, for dessert, ripe nectarines slices with cream. All I need to do is cook the rice in the rice cooker (on the enclosed patio, I think), and slice the various things.

Oh, and on Friday I picked up and started rereading the fourth Harry Potter book. I don't remember Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire quite as well as the first three, so it's a great escape book. I'm definitely ready for it, given the week behind us AND my other reading (I just added Powerdown: Options and actions for a post-carbon world, Root Cellaring, The Eternal Frontier: An ecological history of North America and its peoples, and Carla Emery's The Encyclopedia of Country Living). Here's a cool thing: Son1 is reading the first Lord of the Rings book, at last!

A good day after a week (or so) of things. For a treat, we still have favorite beers and white wine from the cookout; time to add ice to the cooler of beer again. Perhaps tonight we'll watch a DVR'd movie, or more of "Texas Ranch House" from PBS; it's about time for open verbal warfare between the cowhands and the boss husband and wife, though my interest is mostly the 1867 period aspects of... everything.

We really did cook spider bread and nectarine cobbler on the grill at our Independence Day cookout, by the way. They were big hits, and delicious!

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