Monday, July 10, 2006

She read the meter again

I read the electric meter again moments ago, did some figuring, and commenced a Happy Dance of Pride and Joy. Hehehe.

As you might recall from my recent rather detailed post on the topic, I want to keep our electricity use lower than last summer and more consistent throughout the summer, rather than spiking for the first and third summer-heat months. The current cycle, mid-June to mid-July, would normally be a spike month for us. Or, as I put it in my earlier post, "oh aak it's soooo hot."

Not to worry, dear reader or whoever is out there, we seem to be succeeding in our quest, hurrah!

Meter reading minutes ago: 31918 kWH.
Meter reading June 14: 30984 kWH.
Difference: 934 kWH/26 days, or an average of...

wait for it...

35.9 kWH per day!!!

Over the first 8 days of the current cycle, as per my earlier post, we used about 304 kWH, an average of 38 kWH per day. Upon further investigation, I realized that our typical summer use in years past had been 50 kWH per day, so at 38 kWH per day this year our use was already amazingly lower compared to our selves of previous years, hehehe.

Today our daily average since the beginning of this cycle is somehow even lower than those first eight days. Woohoo!

Happy Dance of Jubilation and Success!

And I'm writing this on the power-sipping laptop. As Son2 would chant, oh yeah! oh yeah!

Last cycle we used 1055 kWH. If we stay at 35.9 kWH/day until the 15th when our meter is read, our total use for this cycle will be 1113 kWH. In comparison, last year our monthly usages were 1140 and then 1510 (we are SO killing that second number!!). It really looks as though we're being consistent and fairly even for the first year EVER.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Oh, and buffer your household from higher energy prices. Grin

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