Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Six Arguments for a Greener Diet

Check it out:

Eating Green Calculator, Score Your Diet, and Tour of the Conventional Food Supply at Six Arguments for a Greener Diet. The calculator is all about animal-based foods, so if you don't eat very much meat or dairy, it isn't as interesting as it otherwise might be. On the other hand, the diet score is pretty illuminating. The food supply tour pretty much sums up a lot of solid info in a quick little "tour."

By the way, a greener diet isn't just about personal health and happier animals, excellent motivators though they are! The less we depend on food shipped from around the globe or across the nation, and the less often we choose food grown with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and fertilizers, the less dependent we are on... OIL.

Expensive, costly, with that price going up up up in fits and starts, oil is the foundation for the transportation of food (so, eat local). Oil is made into the soil and plant "additives" (so, eat organic, grass-fed, pastured, non-engineered). Eat "green," eat local, eat healthier, loosen the tight grip of oil and its price on our lives.

Food for thought. (hahaha, I slay me!)

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