Sunday, July 09, 2006

Goin' mobile

I have been happily hanging out downstairs with the family even when I want to look something up online, or read some email lists, or do some Tupperware work. My husband set me up to use a spare laptop, woohoo! And of course (you might expect no less) I am very happy to be using less electricity, generating less heat, and hanging out in the cooler downstairs rather than my loft office that is toasty warm by midafternoon. Especially on a day like today -- 99F I think. Gotta go turn the air to a higher temp; it keeps turning on even when I'm comfortable.

Gotta like all that!

The main things I must do on my desktop computer at this point are (a) my regular email that I download from my ISP server, and (b) Web site updates and design work. I'm sure there's more, and I'm living lightly on this laptop right now rather than "moving in". Still, it's soooo nice. I can sit at the card table in the living room, especially to use the keyboard, or I can actually hang out on the sofa with the kids and browse, or as Son1 wanted, look up stuff on the Web site. I like this.

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