Monday, January 16, 2006

Ten reasons why you should never accept/buy a diamond ring, or, why I do a sarcastic sing-along with the deBeers TV ads

Ten reasons why you should never accept a diamond ring

If I ever end up getting a ring with precious or semi-precious stones, it will NOT have diamonds unless they've been in the family. I knew about a lot but not all of these ten reasons not to get sucked into the international diamond price-fixing-for-a-hunk-of-carbon monopoly.

You've probably never been subjected to my sarcastic impromptu sing-along to the old deBeers diamond TV ads (da-duh-da-duh becomes O-help-us-preserve-our-priiiices...). My husband has, for years, and today he sent me the ten reasons link, LOL.

If I ever get a ring with stones, it'll have tiny rubies, emeralds, and sapphires in a channel all the way around. Inexpensive and I love it.

Please don't be offended about your engagement ring. I still like to look. Cut precious stones are still amazing objects.


Emily said...

I have to admit I was quite relieved that the ring D. gave me was from his family. I despise the engagement ring industry and the idea that you have to spend 3 months' salary on a ring.

To be fair, after we got engaged, I did go through that whole phase of holding my hand so you couldn't avoid seeing my ring at every available opportunity. Tee hee.

TulipGirl said...

I think you'd like the jewelry from greenKarat.

My Mom had a piece of jewelry from her mother, that she had melted down and made into three rings, each with several small diamonds. She has one, my sister has one, and I have one. And since my wedding/engagement rings are too small, I wear it to show I'm married. Though it is more a symbol of motherly/sisterly love.

Anonymous said...
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