Monday, January 16, 2006

Home coffee roasting -- wow

We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon and evening at the home of some friends, and got to know them a bit better. One of the wonderful things was being introduced to home coffee roasting!

Dear husband and I love dark-roasted good coffee, which sometimes is not the affordable option. I was shown their little coffee roaster and given a little introduction to costs (very affordable after an initial small investment in the roaster) and how they fold that into their daily (weekly) life.

Their roaster was having some problems, so my friend ground some other coffee beans with her hand-crank grinder (memories of a college friend's grinder and much-enjoyed coffee...) and made delicious coffee!

Oh my, what a great idea. This afternoon dear husband found and sent me an interesting site,, with a page of info on home coffee roasting.

My friend recommends Sweet Maria's for home coffee roasting beans, supplies, and how-tos. Hmmmmmmm. (Yummmm!)

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