Saturday, January 07, 2006

Office reorganization photos

My office loft last Monday afternoon -- a composite shot.
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I'd already moved a few things from the floor in the foreground and put some boxes below the state map for sorting before I remembered to take some photos. Photos are good; they help one see change and, one hopes, progress!

My office this afternoon from about the same location.
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My first sorting station -- for the objects, not papers, throughout the office.
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The smaller box on the left is for stuff for "Elsewhere". Clearly I didn't find a lot to "Give Away". Hmmm. But I didn't take a picture of the rather larger pile of stuff for "Trash".

My power paper sorting station.
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First, from the pile on the right into the boxes; then, from the boxes into the piles on the shelves. These shelves are new (to me), and very much needed.

I'm pretty sure these shelves will be for "active" papers, probably with lots of trays. Before I get to that point, though, I need to look up how long to keep financial records, spend some extended time with a shredder and a recycling bin, set up anew the filing in the file cabinets, and put archive files in a file box for storage.

My desk area.
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It's wonderfully clear, but that's in part because my desktop objets d'clutter are still in the "Keep" box.

Thank you, "Mission: Organization", for continued inspiration that I can indeed do this even when I thought it was just too much to ever tackle.

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Phil said...

Uh-oh, I need to do this. Things are getting lost around here. Actually, I have a new desk coming next week that should help declutter my office quite a bit. A hutch with lots of nooks and crannies to sort paperwork.

Remember when they told us years ago that our society would be paperless in the future?