Saturday, January 07, 2006

Knitting update

My very own to-go cup sleeve -- with cheery, wild Squiggle knit into the top several rows.
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I keep this in my purse for those opportunities to use it instead of the boring paper sleeves for coffee to-go cups. It's a sock cuff, more or less.

Three of my four or five brand-new, knit-by-me, chunky, hand-sized dishcloths. These have all been used and washed several times over the last week or two.
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In the middle: my first DW dishcloth. On the left: my second DW dishcloth in my favored Christmas/winter colors -- displaying the left half which has cool variations in colors; the right half has weird pooling, and I wish it'd gone one way or the other. On the right: my first of several bee stitch dishcloths in the same yarn (Peaches and Cream 100 percent cotton).

The hat too small for anyone.
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Shall be frogged back to the crown and made bigger. Next time, must trust my gut feeling more than the math (checked and rechecked multiple times). But I like the patterning I came up with!

A ruffle for a sock! I did this yesterday.
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Now that I have figured out how to knit a small-circumference in-the-round thing on a single circular needle, I can get going on these socks for one of my young nieces. Many weeks ago I had cast on the 136 stitches needed to start with the ruffle, but hadn't yet figured out the Magic Loop technique I was planning to use, so it stalled. I inquired about this ruffle edge after a Knitlist mention. The subsequent ribbing is k3p2 to set up for the pattern repeat. After a half-inch or so of the ribbing, I'll get going on the actual pattern (Chutes and Ladders from Six Sox Knitalong).

It feels good to get past the mental-block parts of various projects. Next: to park the toe of Sock the First and then cast on for Sock the Second of the Harry Potter socks for Son1.

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