Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter is a-blowing in

Here in Oklahoma, we're getting our first taste of winter weather. A cold front came through, followed by arctic cold air. This morning's low was something like 17F; it may creep to a high of around 20F, and then fall to an overnight low of around 9F. It's also rather windy, 20 mph mostly. That means a windchill today around 3F, and tonight dropping to as low as -6F. This is old hat for folks in the northern plains, but not so much for us in the southern plains. Brrr.

The boys are excited that we're supposed to have an inch or so of snow this afternoon, but they don't understand that (1) at these temps, the snow will be so dry that it won't make snowballs, (2) it's so windy that the snow will just blow around, and (3) it's so cold and windy that I won't let them outside to play anyway. Sigh.

Here's what I wrote in an email conversation with some friends today.
We love snow, all except my Ohioan husband, but the thing about today and tomorrow is that it'll be dangerously cold, especially with the wind chill. I forced Son1 to wear a hat to school (he's been objecting lately) and I told him that if for some insane reason they have an outdoor recess today or tomorrow, he's to tell them his parents said he has to stay indoors. There is no playing outdoors for my kids when it's this cold and windy.

For winter weather outdoor play days, here's what I wish I had: silk long underwear. Seriously good layering and outerwear make a big difference in comfort level, but other than my token "play in the snow" effort, I just send my boys into the backyard and prep the hot cocoa for when they come back in. Also a set of dry everything so they can head back out later even if their first gear is wet, LOL.

As far as winter weather in general goes, I had the car serviced, I pulled out the winter hats and mittens, I'm working on a winter weather kit for the car, the house is pretty buttoned down, and I plan to make beef stew and bread for dinner, YUM!

Oh, this is funny. Son1 just complained, "It's still not snowing. How can it be cold outside when it's not even snowing???" LOL.
Keep warm, everyone.

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