Wednesday, December 28, 2005

After Christmas meme

Amy of Good Soil posted this meme...

If you received a Barnes and Noble gift card in your stocking (or just wish you had)...

1. Do you go to the brick and mortar store or use it online?
Brick and mortar, 'cause browsing through the bookshelves is such sweetness.

2. Do you think "This is mine, all mine!" or "I've been wanting such-and-such read aloud for the kids?"
Mine! Well, mostly.

3. Do you buy yourself a nice B&N coffee from the cafe, or consider that a waste of good Book Money?
A nice coffee, and then I drink it, look through my book(s) of choice, and knit. Aaaah.

4. Does a $50 value on the card mean
A)Spend as close to $50 as possible without going over.
B)Buy one book and save the balance for next time.
C)Take $50 off a purchase of $100 or more.

For me, A -- I spend it all and no more. Or, only a tiny bit more?

5. Do you take the children and consider it a fun family outing, or plan your trip for when your hubby can watch the kids?
This would definitely be a solo outing. On the other hand, the kids are jumping up and down ready to head to B&N and spend their Christmas cash, so we WILL have that family outing anyway.

6. And finally, do you make a beeline for your favorite section (and what section is that?) or do you browse the new releases and recommendations up front when you walk in the door?
I browse the displays throughout the store, then check out history, religion, fiction, cooking, gardening, crafts (knitting! etc!), children's religion books, homeschooling resources (history again...), and then start figuring out what to actually buy. A very difficult decision!

Anyone care to try the meme? I know Dy is meaning to.. Emily?

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