Sunday, November 27, 2005

What happened to the last two weeks?

They flew by, that's what. First, the crunch days of our church's final preparation for hosting the diocesan convention. Somewhere in there we bought a dishwasher because the original-to-the-house, 14-year-old dishwasher died suddenly and the simple fixes didn't fix it. Time to buy a new one. Then, the work of doing the hosting (went great! was fun! glad it's done!). Funny enough, our hand-me-down TV died suddenly while I was working at convention, so we did some quick research (thank you, and bought a new TV.

A deep breath, and then whaddaya know, it's time for Thanksgiving. We went to some friends' for the day itself, relaxed on Friday, and hosted our own feast with more friends on Saturday. Today is a regrouping day, and yet...

We're experiencing high winds that have so far knocked over/down two full panels and a post of our worn-out back fence. The back yard adjoins the neighborhood park and looks out over a gentle downslope, so we see all the way to a far horizon past the far rooftops. South and southwest winds always hit the backyard fence and the back face of the house pretty hard. After deciding it was too dangerously windy to try to detach the half-blown-down second panel -- we'll do what we can after the winds die down -- dear husband and I stood in the back yard and watched the second-story roof shingles quiver and shake in the wind. Oh boy. Again, we'll check it out when the wind has finished its work. I just checked, and the latest National Weather Service report is wind speed sustained at 40 mph, with gusts to 52 mph. I believe it.


Emily said...

It's been quite noisy here, too. Mostly stuff tossed around on the patio (some fountain grass pulled out of its plastic pot). And the leaves all blown up against the front door.

Yesterday was great! Thanks for including us in your belated Thanksgiving feast.

Barbara said...

You're welcome :) Silly me, I had no idea that most of the USA was being pounded with snow and wind. No wonder we had two days of serious wind down here in Oklahoma. Perhaps ice storms will be just the thing for us in, oh, say, January. Hmm.