Saturday, November 12, 2005

How to keep this boy in books?!?

Son1 finished Peter and the Starcatchers last night. All 425? pages. In 48 hours. Yikes! How am I going to keep this boy in books?!? He LOVED the book; I definitely need to read it. Until this week I had no idea it was the story of Peter Pan before he became Peter Pan, or that one of the co-authors is THE Dave Barry, humor columnist for the Miami Herald.

I bought the highly recommended books Inkheart, Eragon, and Peter and the Starcatchers through his class's Scholastic Book Club order, and they arrived Wednesday. He'd already read Inkheart, but I wanted it for our shelves. He started Eragon, but then picked up Peter... and apparently couldn't put it down! Yesterday he also borrowed the new Inkheart sequel, Inkspell, from a friend, and he is also reading A Wrinkle in Time for his class literature circle at school. Wow. When it rains, it pours I guess. Two weeks ago he was reading and rereading some gaming magazines and reading the Circle of Magic series (that I'm also reading).

Of course next week we'll be all about Harry Potter again, with the opening of the new movie. I predict with some confidence that the day he sees the movie he'll drop all of the books he's reading so he can reread the HP series for a couple of weeks.

I'm barely bothering to read my own fiction right now -- I have Inkheart, Eragon, and Peter and the Starcatchers to read, as well as the 2d, 3rd, and 4th Circle of Magic books, LOL! And I bet I'll reread the 4th, 5th and 6th Harry Potters along with Son1...


Classical Home said...

Your son sounds a lot like mine. We solved the out-of-control book budget problem by visiting the library more often.
Now he volunteers once a week, bringing home a large backpack full of good books when he's finished.
What a problem to have, huh?


Barbara said...

Hehe, yep, we use the library a LOT, and it's taken me quite a while to figure out what if any books I want to buy, whether at a bookstore or through Scholastic. In my late 20s I finally broke myself of the habit of buying all books that interested me and, instead, relying on the local library/ies. I'm typically quite reluctant to buy fiction now :)

When I'm really at a loss at the library, I start looking for the books listed on various good book lists for kids. When Son1 is reading really good books, I find myself reading them too, and that yields many benefits.

I do love this problem, though!