Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Playing with paper for my Sunday school kids

Did I mention that I decided to take on a sort-of-big project as my leap into paper crafting?!? A set of cards for the Days of Creation. For 12 kids. That would be... 84 cards! Plus a set for me! So my first goal was a mere eight sets besides mine. Thankfully, all but mine would be the blanks -- ready for the kids to complete in their own way.

In my Godly Play class, we tell the Biblical story of the Creation every fall with a set of Days of Creation placards. I've wanted to set up an art activity for the classroom in which the kids make their own set of cards so they can "take the story home." I finally disovered paper crafting ideas. All of the details are over at my homeschooling blog.

Days of Creation cards, completed by yours truly.
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I brought the blanks -- the basic cards for each day -- and the finishing supplies to the classroom. They'll be available as one of many art activity possibilities for several months, or perhaps for the rest of the year. My four- and five-year-old Sunday school kids can work to complete their set of cards over however many Sundays they want or need.

Days of Creation card blanks, on a playing card base, ready for the kids to complete. Notice the little envelope they all fit into.
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I brought short strips of paper to glue on as the firmament (Day 2), stencils to make flowers and green growing things (Day 3) and the sun and moon (Day 4), tiny insect stamps and fish stickers (Day 5), animal stickers and small pieces of paper for drawing people (Day 6), and golden hearts and gold glitter glue to decorate the day of rest (Day 7).

My only concern is that kids who come irregularly may start it and not finish, but if so I think I would get it to them somehow with a note for their parents on what it's about.

This art activity requires more adult involvement than I prefer for a Godly Play art activity, but it would be less so if I had avoided stamps (or prestamped the blanks) and had already introduced using stencils, and glue paints. About half of the kids are interested each week, and they get 1/3 to 1/2 done in one class session. They leave their card project on a tray, and I resist any temptation to encourage anyone to finish their cards, work on them every week, etc. It will appeal to whomever; not for me to dictate.

I'm really happy with this project so far. Now, I still have four more sets of blanks to make. Yay for the Xyron machine and the adhesive cartridge -- nice craft glue sticks are NOT a very good substitute for the Xyron adhesive, so I'm back to using the Xyron. I hear this kind of use is where the Xyron shines, and I believe it.

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Emily said...

Oh, they look very nice. Too bad we didn't have Godly Play when I was in Sunday School!