Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Knitting meme -- my turn

Emily tagged me, and now we're off!

What is your all-time favorite yarn to knit with?

As a new knitter too, though far newer than Emily, I only know that I especially like the combination of sock knitting and Lang Jawoll sock yarn.

The worst thing you've ever knit?

My eyelash yarn and thick acrylic yarn scarf that got me started on knitting in February 2005. Worst thing because it has lots of holes, mostly hidden, and a few unruly loops of yarn, and it's in acrylic which I usually dislike. And yet... I love it! I love the hot oranges and reds in a winter scarf, I love that I made it myself, and I love that it drew me into knitting.

Most valuable knitting technique?

Knitting in the round with double-pointed needles. It means I can make socks!

Your most favorite knit pattern?

The one I'm currently working on. Okay, er, um, let's pick one. Right now I'm enjoying the Go Team! pattern from the SixSoxKnitalong, which I adapted to make Harry Potter socks, in Gryffindor colors of scarlet & gold. The lettering spells out "Harry" around one sock leg, with "Potter" coming on sock No. 2.

Favorite knitwear designer?

I haven't yet fallen in love with any particular designers. My eye was caught early on by designs in a Jo Sharp library book and a Debbie Bliss book, but I haven't knit any of their stuff so I know not whether I'd truly enjoy their designs.

Best knit book or magazine?

I enjoy Interweave Knits magazine, and I love Knitty.com. I learned a lot even as a beginner from a library copy of Meg Swansen's Knitting. The many detailed tips were great, and I really want to make a Russian Prime sweater someday.

Favorite book?

To echo Emily, I learned a LOT as a rank beginner from Melanie Falick's Kids Knitting and Debbie Stoller's Stitch and B*tch. As in, how to recognize a knit stitch and a purl stitch, LOL. I really needed the very basics, and they inspired me with accessible possibilities while helping me learn, learn, learn. Next favorite: Knitting on the Road -- for my second sock project, help with learning to knit socks, and lots of accessible inspiration!

Your favorite knit blogs?

Mason-Dixon Knitting, Sweet Georgia, Claudia's Blog, I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can, Zeneedle, Knit One Purl Too, fluffa, .... Like Emily, I have a long secret Bloglines list that I shall not reveal. But this question had me browsing through it and getting all knitting-inspired again, yay.

The knit item you wear the most?

The first pair of socks I knit myself. They're short and fun. I used a wildly variegated pastels acrylic sportweight yarn, and of course I Made Them Myself! I love wearing them with my Birks, even if my tension was tighter on the second sock and it's a bit too snugly short compared to the first, LOL.

I'm not sure who to tag who hasn't already done this meme. Hmm. How about Trina and, er um, Sarah if she stops by here.

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