Monday, April 25, 2005

What dinner? Flourless chocolate cake!

Dinner, who needs to bother planning dinner? Instead of such mundane necessities, I have my first-ever flourless chocolate cake in the oven, and in a few minutes I'll fix the chocolate glaze. I might take it to an after-dinner meeting tonight, if the host is okay with that. Otherwise, it'll stay home and the kidlets and husband will be entirely delighted.

Now, what was that other food-related thing? Oh. Dinner. Talk about uninspired.

This is the beginning of my standard recovery from I-don't-want-to-cook-this-month. In spring and fall I remember that I enjoy cooking, being creative in the kitchen, and offering that gift of myself to my family. The downside is that it seems to follow about two months of tomato soup, breakfast for dinner, take out, husband grilling (not a bad thing at all!), son eating school lunches, and so on.

My first step in reluctant-cook recovery is making myself attend to the family's food needs even when I don't particularly want to. The next step is to start baking treats and breads -- that's where I am now. Last week "chocolate balls" were a big hit: a ball version of the no-bake chocolate-peanut butter-oats cookies.

I've already noticed my renewed sense of enjoyment in taking care of my family as far as making dinner is concerned. Too bad those two months or so happen first.

Gotta go, time to make the glaze. Smells heavenly so far!


Donna said...

Hmmmmm... flourless chocolate cake... that sounds yummy.

dazeymae said...

I'm looking for this recipe.
Where can I find Flourless Choc Cake?

Barbara said...

I'll post the info today, May 17 :)