Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Busy bee, busy B

I'm thinking, mulling over, paying attention to how busy I am and how I feel about it. I have an opportunity to commit to something sort of open-ended and "big", and I think I've decided to withdraw from that possibility. Mostly because I look around and wonder what I would give up in order to make room for the new. I'm just now rediscovering the joy of making meals for my family and doing homemaking things for them. I'm involved in some wonderful new things in my parish. I'm finishing some things in my MOMS Club chapter that others will take over. I want to be able to make flourless chocolate cake and not worry too much that I haven't made some phone calls. I want to be able to play catch with the kids or knit in the sunshine while they ride bikes, and not fuss over fitting my travel dates into the family calendar.

This idea of building some margin into our lives -- I think it's really important. Especially for me. There are so many things I COULD do, and do well, but that doesn't mean I should be the one to do each of those things. I need to step away and let others step forward, or let it change or fall away.

What if I were homeschooling in the fall? How would I want to order our days? Then, bring that forward to now: how do I want to order our days NOW?

Margin. Breathing room. Space for enjoyment, for peace, for creativity, for life, for prayer, for homemaking, for laughter.

And time for knitting outdoors, with my feet in the warm spring sunshine.

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