Sunday, April 10, 2005

Storm chasing begins

My dear husband is off somewhere in our part of the southern Great Plains this afternoon with his buddy, chasing severe weather and hoping to see a tornado. In our first storm season here I was extremely nervous about this idea and, due to the new baby in the household, told him he wasn't going that year. Poor guy. I've gotten used to him chasing off and on most seasons since then, the usual deal being an early afternoon departure and returning home wayyy after dark (they stop for dinner when it gets too dark to see the clouds, and then head home, LOL). Now it's harder for the two of them to take an afternoon off from work, so this is a precious weekend day with storm potential. The one promise I exact from him is this: if the storms head our direction, get here before the storms do! The unspoken one is, don't do stupid storm chaser things and put yourselves in danger. See: Twister, the movie.

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