Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back to socks

We're still waiting to hear from the principal. She was finally able to talk with all of the boys involved this morning before the start of today's required standardized testing. In the meantime I've talked with several other parents who were at the school this morning (daily morning assembly) and at lunchtime. I'm learning a lot more and getting a much better picture of what's going on. I'm too tired to process it for y'all tonight, though :)

Back to socks. I finished the socks for me last Wednesday -- yippee! They were in a worsted weight acrylic variegated-bright-pastels yarn and lots of fun. Now I'm using sock yarn -- much, much thinner -- on little 2.5 mm needles to make a pair of socks for Son2 (age 5). I was dying to get started on another pair of socks, even if they're acrylic! We found a few colors of sock yarn at the local Hobby Lobby craft big-box store. He's looking forward to a navy blue sock with some variegated-primary-colors accent yarn in stripes.

One thing I learned quickly: acrylic yarn is wayyy too slippery for me on aluminum needles. Now I have new bamboo double-pointed needles in the appropriate size (2.5 mm, more or less "US size 1").

Next thing I learned: if you're buying new needles for a project, think carefully. I got the regular length of double-pointed needles, but knitting a child's sock with them means I feel as though I'm knitting with pickup sticks; they stick out everywhere! If only I'd gotten the shorter, 5 inch?, dpns. Oh well. Maybe sometime later for a second pair for him, but for now I'll make these do, LOL!

Something I did NOT learn quickly enough: be very careful where your idle yarn lies when you're knitting in two colors. I did a doubletake this afternoon when I saw my idle yarn (the variegated yarn) coming out the side of the sock cuff. Yes, I knit it into a row. Sort of. More like, through the row? I can still knit the second four-row stripe, but I have to draw the yarn THROUGH the sock. Hahahahaha! I'm so NOT ripping this back. I'm going to knit the second stripe in the variegated yarn, and then cut that yarn (and free it from the cuff! hahaha). If Son2 wants variegated heels or toes I'll join that yarn anyway rather than carrying it along. I'll try to remember to take a photo tomorrow before I cut the yarn!



Barbara said...

I didn't take a photo before cutting and removing the yarn end from through the sock cuff -- I really wanted it out of there by that time. Wrangling the yarn had gotten rather annoying. So, sorry!

Now I'm poised to start the heel flap, after reknitting several rows thanks to momentary distractions resulting in purls where knits ought to be. Oh well, onward we go now that everything is fixed.

Dy said...

{{hugs}} I'll be thinking of you as you sort through the details and try to figure out what step is going to be the best one for your son and your family.

Barbara said...

Thanks so much, Dy. By the end of the day on Friday we still hadn't heard from the principal, even though she warned the boys Wednesday morning that they were risking suspension (or so our son told us that afternoon). Arrgh. I feel in limbo until we have an actual substantive discussion about this with the principal. After that, dear husband and I will talk more about any potential decisions.