Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spring break

We're on spring break. The boys yearn for much GameCube and GameBoy time, and I'm cutting them off quicker and quicker every day. On Monday we took a little trip to The City's downtown library. On Tuesday we met MOMS Club friends at a local indoor play place, an excellent activity for a rainy, blustery day. Today we hung out at home all day. I pulled weeds and trimmed dead stuff in our front garden bed along the entry walkway, the first time I've touched it since fall. Maybe we'll pick up some pansies to plant, and a little ornamental grass for that open spot I filled with annuals last year...

I think there was more, having to do with giving the boys tasks to help tidy the house and car, help make meals, help do laundry, that sort of thing. I'm also working on decluttering because some friends will stop here overnight this weekend and again next weekend as they head across Oklahoma and back on a trip. They've never seen our house -- eeek! Oh well. Also, I want to pull out the playing cards and/or a board game tomorrow afternoon because that whole GameCube frustration thing with Son2 is just not getting any better. I've relaxed on my various projects for others, but I need to get going on those again before too much time spins by.

Tomorrow we were going to church to pitch in with the palm cross making, but I just learned it's off; their shipment didn't arrive in time for the first time ever! That changes the morning. Maybe we'll make muffins. In late afternoon we'll go to a MOMS Club park date -- it should be a gorgeous yet brisk day. Friday will be a MOMS Club tour of a fire station, followed perhaps by our regular weekly playdate with friends, followed by an afternoon-to-bedtime pool and pizza party for the boys (hosted by friends at a local motel!). A whirlwind end to a relaxed week off from school and that early morning hubbub.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can get everyone out the door Saturday late morning (hahaha -- I am so dreaming) because the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum has a Lewis and Clark theme all month, they have fun kids' activities on Saturdays, we've never been, and this Saturday's theme is food! I am really interested in pioneer, frontier, expedition, and cattle trail cooking! I really want to go!


Emily said...

Hi Barbara,

strangely enough, my husband and I are moving to OKC! He has just accepted a call there as a rector. We'll have to be in touch. I hope we can meet in person when we get there.

Jenifer said...

Hi Barbara -- Happy spring break! Jenifer

Anonymous said...

"The City" caught my eye in your blog. Grew up in NE Okla. We always called it that & I still do. 50 yrs. later