Wednesday, March 16, 2005

K1, ssk, k ....... yo, p2tog, p2...

I had to rip back four inches on my sock. Oh well, it was gonna happen some day on some project. The sock was definitely too big, so I frogged back ("rip it, rip it") to the gusset and decreased more until it was a better size. Now I'm back to lots of knitknitknit stockinette. I'll try it on again tomorrow, I suppose (bare toes wiggling out the end!).

I also bought some yarn and stitch markers to start a little shawl "capelet" thing in candy pink: from Interweave Knits spring 2005, the Phoebe capelet by Norah Gaughan, yum. But.. it's lace knitting and it's different and it's definitely a challenge. I do a row or three at most, carefully, and then put it down for a while. If I can do it at all, it's an exciting challenge. The third time I ripped out the first two rows, that was more on the totally frustrating side of things. It's better today.

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Donna Boucher said...

Your socks are very pretty!
My first pair of socks turned out so funny. The first sock looked like it was made for Herman Munster! The second one turned out much better. They were my learning pair :o)

I bought some Lorna's Laces yarn today. It is very soft.
But I like you don't want to be knitting with wool much longer.
Let me tell you how much I love the Hello Yarn...yarn. It is really the best yarn I have ever felt. Too bad I am not rich. hehehe
One or two skeins a year of that will be about it for me.