Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's Jobs Bingo for the kids!

I did a riff off an idea someone mentioned on the Well Trained Mind general board recently -- creating a little bingo card for things you put off but really ought to do. In 90 minutes the boys will come home from school and discover their own Jobs Bingo cards on the fridge. Son1 (age 9) on the left, Son2 (age 5) on the right. I drew little cartoons because Son2 doesn't read yet.

These are not their regular, expected, daily chores; it's stuff they need to do less often than daily. True, our kids do not take daily baths/showers, though Son1 is being moved in that direction. I sprinkled in things I need them to work on: Son2 is very grouchy with me lately, so he has three "regular voice morning" goals for his week. I needed one more job to make the grids work, so I put in laundry, but that's sort of too big for one square. I expect to try this for a week and adjust it with them at that point. Kinda fun!

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Amy said...

This is such a cute idea! I'll have to see if I can come up with a ton of jobs for my kids to fill the card. :)

Barbara said...

Zelie, so far it's going quite well -- though I do have a deadline of the end of the day on Wednesday, and we'll see how the last few things go. I notice that the bathroom cleaning things are still "open", LOL!

Son1 and Son2 seem to like this, maybe in part because they get to choose what to do (mostly). Son1 received a quarter for one complete line; Son2 requested a piece of Easter candy for another line; and they know that some of the other options are that I play a card or board game with them, or they get some other mommy time, or we bake something together, that kind of thing.

So far, so good...