Thursday, August 17, 2006

You can go outside or you can do chores...

Moments ago, with a clear conscience and a firm tone of voice, I told the boys they can either go back outside to play or do chores inside for me. They can unload the dishwasher and sweep the dining room floor. Funny thing, they chose to go outside, heehee.

The clear conscience is because this morning we did math, Latin, and copywork. The boys played a little GameCube. After lunchtime, we had a mom and her three kids over and the kids all played rather wildly (my boys' fault; they got several scoldings from me) for a couple of hours while we moms talked. After they left, the boys were split up into separate rooms with a toy and a book of their choice for the obviously needed quiet time. They were actually pretty content to do that for an hour. Afterward they played and goofed around for a while, but 15 minutes ago it was getting a bit rowdy so With A Clear Conscience I sent them outside. They tried to come back in pretty quickly and at that point I gave them the two choices, both of which were fine with me. Out they went again!

And in 10 minutes they'll be brought inside to unload the dishwasher before we head out to get their dad from work. It's a reasonably full, good day. I'm not sure when or by whom that floor will be swept, though. And so it goes.

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