Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Groovin' now

My post of last Saturday might have left a lingering impression of Homeschooling Is Intense, and I hope to correct that now. I'd say that my way of doing the learning curve is more on the structured and intensely observant end of things. It has paid off, I think.

Later last weekend I puzzled out a good stab at a daily plan and a weekly plan, using how last week went and adding in the beginnings of art, music, history projects, and science. We've pretty much followed it for the last three days and after a bit of tweaking I think the daily and weekly plans will work.

Who knew (not me!) that a bit of piano practice followed by Latin and math would be a pretty good start to our days. Or that one kid really could play separately while the other got Mom time with math or phonics. Or that they would finally be willing and able to work independently a bit and still stay on track (whew!).

We've also started some history projects, made little books at an art museum yesterday, and gotten going with some activities. They LOVE the homeschoolers' chess club (second meeting was this afternoon). They LOVE Cub Scouts (first meeting for Son1 was Monday night; for Son2, Tuesday night). Within 24 hours Son1 memorized everything he needed to get his initial badge (salute, handshake, Cub Scout promise, etc.)!

On the other hand, my boys seem to HATE being challenged in homeschooling, or doing anything that requires application and effort. So... I find that some Mom-at-your-elbow time really helps their willingness and short-circuits their frustrations. Mostly, anyway. Sending them outside for half an hour with firm instructions to Run Bike Do Handstands Play Basketball Anything Active also helps, yay.

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