Saturday, August 26, 2006

Finding our groove

Last week was somewhat intense, as we figured out how to do regular homeschooling and find a new routine for our days. We had a goof-off day on Monday, the first day of public school: morning treats at a coffee place, MOMS Club get-together, as-promised GameCube blowout in the afternoon. Tuesday through Friday mornings were about tackling our core subjects for homeschooling (math, Latin, phonics for Son2, writing for Son1), handwriting, and history (prehistory and ancient times around the world).

I think it went really well. The doing of it was more complex and adjust-on-the-fly than I even expected, as we got a sense of the curricula I chose, what the boys know, and how we want to tackle the work -- as well as the boys getting used to working those brains in a structured manner again. Whew! I'll talk through the details on my homeschooling blog, A Bit of Bubbly. For me the last week has been an intensive, very worthwhile workshop about my kids, what makes them tick, and how they think. Very cool.

The Tupperware summer catalog was ending, so I also spent some energy to get ready for the new catalog and to decide what goals to set for September and how to reach them.

The church program year is approaching fast as well. Time to get ready for Sunday school (Godly Play). Some things will be new this year. Our kindergarteners will move on to the other GP class; I haven't heard whether all three of us leaders are returning this year, which may mean only one leader per class; the neighboring Montessori has begun using our GP rooms during the week so we will be learning to co-exist peacefully. Sunday school classes begin Sept 17. Whee!

I also offered to run an Intro to Godly Play the following Sunday, immediately after the late-morning service, with a potluck lunch and child care. I'll personally invite the parents of the kids in the two GP classrooms, as well as some other folks. I want to introduce GP to these folks AND sign up adults and teens as "classroom helpers", which we need, and which is also a first step toward discovering potential GP leaders.

About three weeks later, in October, I'm going to host a Faith at Home (or similar title) gathering -- maybe I'll call it a workshop -- at church as well, with tips and ideas for enjoying your faith with your kids. Same thing: after the late-morning service, with potluck lunch and child care. There are many families with young children around the church lately, and if there's interest I'd love to do this. I'll draw heavily from my Web site, Faith at Home, and have some projects for all ages to start and take home. I want to offer the possibility of meeting monthly or... what do they want? Gotta think more about that and get it fully planned and promoted.

On the day before the first day of Sunday school, my Daughters of the King chapter will hold a 50th anniversary celebration luncheon. Much planning is involved, and I am trying hard, as president, to keep up with my responsibilities AND ask the other officers to do things they can do. I tend to do too much and not ask for help; while I've been an officer in my DoK chapter the last few years the Daughters in my chapter have taught me a LOT about letting them share the tasks, and about unconditional, forward-looking forgiveness when I fall short and don't do what I intended. Anyway, we start a new year with some new things, and I need to do my proper part to help that happen.

Keeping all of the above in mind, I printed dated, blank calendar pages for September through December and wrote out everything that affects the family on those pages. The boys' natural history classes at the museum, their weekly chess club, Dear Husband's weekly bowling league, my Tupperware parties and meetings, the start of Sunday school, my activities, a few MOMS Club things, family birthdays, etc. It helps keep things in perspective, both short-term and long-term, when I can lay four months out on the dining table and look over everything. I simply cannot do that with my PDA calendar, either on the PDA or on the desktop computer.

Perspective is good, finding our groove is very good, moving from summer to autumn is fine. I don't feel like I'm in a blender, spinning too fast. Hurrah!

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