Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whirlwind Houston visit; baseball begins

Did a road trip to Houston, Texas, with two other Tupperware consultants (okay, one is a manager). Whew! We drove down Friday night, caught a few hours of sleep, did the all-day big regional Tupperware meeting -- a blast and SO WORTH IT!, grabbed dinner and all, and drove home Saturday night. I fell into bed at 5 am Sunday morning, slept all day, had an evening with the family, got a normal night's sleep, and felt pretty okay yesterday.

If you like Tupperware, contact your "Tupperware lady" so you'll hear about the upcoming specials as soon as they're released to the public -- they're great! No "Tupperware lady"? You know: email me :) or check out my Tupperware site.

In other news, between Friday and Sunday the local irises started blooming, I'm seeing spirea blooming around town that I hadn't noticed before, and white lilacs. I also had my first sighting of scissor-tailed flycatchers last week, and a bunch on Sunday. The state bird of Oklahoma and all that... they are cool to watch.

Tonight both boys will have their first baseball or T-ball practice and parent meeting. I'm really hoping to set both teams up with Tupperware fundraisers; as a parent I'd love the help with the uniform cost, especially for Son1 (baseball pants, belt, shirt, hat), and a fundraiser is something I can do for the teams. We'll still be buying athletic shoes (or cleats for Son1), and possibly prescription sports sunglasses for Son1, not to mention a modest photo package in May for each boy, and innumerable ballpark hot dogs over the next two and a half months. We enjoyed our family baseball life last year; I'm truly looking forward to it again.

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