Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, Holy Saturday

The eggs are hard boiled and the preparations are mostly done. For today's activities, anyway. In half an hour, Son2 and I are heading to church to participate in (me) and be patient during (him) the prayers for the entire parish by name. I have the list of names, and whoever shows up will be invited to read a page aloud (about 25 names, I think) as we pray our way through the parish. Kinda cool. It just stressed me out until I had the list done, is all!

Now I'm "in" Lent.. Holy Week... Good Friday at last. Settled down into it. If I have a few minutes, I'll read some or all of the Great Litany -- prayers for the world, etc. -- before we head out.

The hard-boiled eggs are for our Friday playdate tradition of coloring eggs for Easter on Good Friday. For dinner tonight we'll have fish sticks and stuff, something easy and Lenten. Tomorrow morning I might hard-boil more eggs for deviled eggs for Easter dinner. I gave up on shopping early for Easter candy etc; I'll be slipping off to the store in the morning to do that. If I feel really industrious I will pull out the rich brioche recipe I tried a few years ago, for our Easter morning enjoyment before heading to church and egg hunting festivities.

Whoops! No Litany time; perhaps tonight. Gotta get Son2 out of play shorts and into something less... stained. A blessed Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter to you and yours.

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