Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mixed reading, and spring a'springing

Currently reading two interlibrary loans: The Long Emergency: Surviving the converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century and The Permaculture Way. My reaction to The Long Emergency? Thunderously depressing, page after page, yet oddly intriguing. I'm glad I got the permaculture book; it'll be a very good counterbalancing read. Kunstler has a blog (fyi, the title is perhaps offensive), but I warned you: doom and gloom.

In other news, at old houses and other places the lilacs have stopped blooming and the irises are in full bloom. Our street's trees have all leafed out, offering their many colors of green to refresh the eyes on our very hot days through yesterday.

Today is so wonderfully "normal" with a low below 50F this morning and a high forecast to be in the mid 70s with good Oklahoma breezes. Around town, the sycamores are lagging, with their soon-to-be-dinner-plate-sized leaves still more the size of tea saucers. I love the shiny, fluttering-in-every-breeze leaves of the cottonwoods.

There is some sort of purple wild flower blooming along one grassy unmown hillside, and along the highway this morning I saw some yellow, daisy-like wild flowers blooming. I didn't get a good look (they were facing the sun, away from me); maybe I will this afternoon. Because I have to know or guess what it is, of course!

Son2 and I are listening to a "kids sing Elvis" type of recording from Music for Little People. It's keeping our toes tapping this early afternoon, and Son2 is finding it extremely danceable. Fun!

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