Friday, September 17, 2004

Book stack winnowing

I released almost all of my library books to the book drop last night. A relief! For some reason reading them was becoming a burden. Ergo the fines I will have to pay once they're calculated; I was ignoring most of the books and anything related to them.

I borrowed two books: a kids' book on the Days of the Dead that I plan to read to the kids, and a small volume called Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren Winner, a convert from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. It seems to be about the rituals of her Jewish upbringing informing her faith even after conversion. It appeals to my weary brain.

I'm still determined to finish How Cities Work, and read Gilgamesh the Hero and the final Young Underground books.

I picked out Redwall by Brian Jacques for Son1, in an effort to entice him from his Bionicle- and Goosebumps-type fluff books at least a bit.

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