Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime realities

I'm not telling the kids our summer break has two-thirds left; I don't want to face the crushed reactions. For all of us, the first month flew by. Now I need to buckle down before the rest of the summer gets away from me.

An essential: a wish list of activities brainstormed by the boys and me (we'll reap the benefit for many months, actually).

Also, we must get back to the morning structure so the house doesn't fill with clutter and undone chores and so our afternoons feel extravagantly free in comparison.

It's time to provide short stacks of very good books for each boy's "mom's reading list" reading time. Son2 just read The Wind in the Willows, hurrah!, and that's the kind of thing I have in mind.

Gotta tackle the short list of labor-required house and yard projects, maybe one per week/weekend, with all able bodies.

And it's time for me to enforce personal "screen time" restrictions similar to what the boys have. I want to do more thinking, reading, knitting, and getting things done, and this has been a hindrance. (eek!)

So, bye -- I'm going to go knit some of my Vortex 5 dishcloth for a while! (or try this Vortex link)


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Anonymous said...

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do post your completed backyard projects, waiting to see what you created this summer :) Cheers!