Friday, January 02, 2009

Taming the Inbox Paper

Info I'm gonna use to set up my incoming paperwork system, and tweak for my homeschooling paper handling.

Look down the page at
Maintaining Your Filing System

Way down the page, past all the sales pitch, see Here's How 'My Oh-So-Organized filing System' helps keep you organized

Halfway down the page, see the No-Fail Paper Solution

Visual organization idea -- so cool! Stay Organized with Binder Clips

Discussion of Thinking and Paper, on Edward Tufte's site

Taming Kitchen Clutter, on the Pendaflex site

Strategies 32 - Active Paperwork, and 41 - Multiple Projects in Process, courtesy of Smead


Anonymous said...

Rand Paul for Senate 2010! Finally a politician standing strong for homeschool rights! said...

nice ideas, things seem to be more organized this time :) good luck