Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our family's must-see TV

Apparently our family TV viewing has become this: we gather around the glowing screen to watch the anime sci-fi series "Oban Star-Racers" and "Avatar: The Last Air-Bender", as well as watch-'em-do-stuff shows "Survivorman" and "Dirty Jobs", and a long-time favorite, "Good Eats", the cooking show for analytical folks. This week we added the new Discovery Channel limited series, "Planet Earth". We really, really, really like these shows! Sadly the animated series "Dragon Booster" was pulled mid-run; we all enjoyed that a whole bunch, too. On the up side, apparently the Science Channel is planning some very cool stuff for a "space week" in May. Yay!

As far as what the boys choose to watch in the afternoon, they seem to have moved on from a months-long fascination with "Tom and Jerry" and "The Pink Panther" (love the music), occasional viewings of "The Jetsons", and, more recently, the annoying "Duck Dodgers". Now they choose our family-favorite shows or the Drake and Josh show, which is reasonably funny and/or not too annoying. As a result, I've set up the DVR to record "Kim Possible" from time to time.

This is why I LOVE satellite TV with DVR, which allowed me to hide the Cartoon Network, the many Disney Channels, and various others with annoying or simply awful shows aimed at kids. The boys no longer watch live TV unless we're watching sports, weather, or news. Instead, we watch recorded cool stuff I find on Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and History International. I am pleased as punch about that.

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Melessa said...

Shh! I really enjoy Kim Possible from time to time too. We're still into Pink Panther here as well as Discovery channel's Planet Earth.