Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Knitting bits

Waiting for last night's Cub Scout pack meeting to begin, I knit a few rows on my long-neglected lacy socks for me, and it felt great! Son1 received a bunch of badges he'd earned, as well as his Webelos rank badge, hurrah!! He was so proud, and so were we, dear husband and I. No time for knitting in the hubbub of the meeting, of course.

The spring issue of the online magazine Knitty is up. I wish I were knitting fast enough to commit to one of the baby or little girl designs; they are incredibly charming. I like one of the short-sleeved tops a lot, but I think it, too, is beyond my knitting speed at this point.

Socks, now, I can kick it up a notch and finish some of these socks I have on the needles. The process is great, but sometimes you just want to finish something!

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