Saturday, January 13, 2007

New blog look / Baby, it's cold outside

I finally made the switch to the new Blogger, and in the process found it to be simpler (at least a smidge) to use a new template. I'd customized the old one so much that it was going to be really hard to combine my customization with some of the new Blogger features. I don't love the current look, but it'll do. I do like the drop-down navigation for the archive. And so it goes. Change is the only constant, eh?

After a quiet night and morning, moments ago we heard sleet against the windows, and a roll of thunder! The world outside our windows is white and frozen, and it's about 25F. We got so much sleet yesterday that it covered the ground (grass poking up, though), the street, and rooftops. The trees and bushes have that clear-to-white edge that betrays their frozen-rain cocoon of ice. The next 24 hours might bring freezing rain, or "just" sleet. We're staying home, that's for sure!

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